We put more “auto” into AutoPkg.


Get started faster.

AutoPkgr allows you to easily install all the components that AutoPkg requires so you can start downloading recipes right away.

One-click access to repositories.

AutoPkgr is ready to connect to popular recipe repositories with the click of a button. Of course, you can add repositories manually too.

You've got updates!

When a scheduled check reveals new versions of the recipes you're subscribed to, AutoPkgr will send an email notification to alert you.

Track the apps you care about.

Once you specify which recipes you want to watch, AutoPkgr remembers these recipes so you don't have to. You can go back and change the recipe watch list at any time.

Munki friendly.

If you use Munki to deliver managed software updates to your fleet of Macs, AutoPkgr will allow you to easily specify your repo. No Terminal commands required.

Easier integration.

AutoPkgr also includes the ability to configure automatic import into popular software distribution systems like Munki and Jamf Pro in just a few clicks.


It's free and open-source. Enjoy!


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