Human-focused IT services.
Experienced, friendly people.


Technology shouldn’t be obscured in jargon. We ask, listen, explain, and help our clients’ businesses thrive.


We help our clients think ahead to avoid tech problems and continuously improve productivity.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of trustworthiness, confidentiality, and reliability.

We are an uncommonly human tech company.

We talk with our clients and advise them after carefully listening to their concerns. We write up our ideas in full paragraphs. We love the art of the timely and relevant follow-up call or email. We are thoughtful about presenting ourselves well. We help our clients think ahead to future needs, design new and effective ways to accomplish their goals, and safeguard their businesses. We understand their different roles and the demands on them and their workflow. When those demands converge with technology, we approach their human and business needs with as much energy as we do their technical ones.

We are a technology company, but the way we listen, think, talk, and relate to others makes us who we are.

Our clients love us, and we love our clients.

Our clients use Macs and Windows and range in size from 20 workstations to 20,000. We've provided our expertise to some of the largest organizations in the Bay Area. If you'd like to join the list, get in touch.