Mac OS X Desktop Consultant

We can say a lot about our company. And most of it would even be good! :)

But we are even happier when other people say nice things about us. Google us: You'll find reviews from customers and from former employees on sites like glassdoor, yelp and Apple's Consultant Network. We feel pretty good about the things people have written.

We also have the most amazing client list on the planet. Just about every day, you can read about at least three of our clients on the front page of How many consulting companies can say that?

If you're looking to join an elite and supportive team that works with the largest clients in the bay area, read on.

About Us

The Linde Group ( is a human-focused technology company. Our consultants talk with our clients and advise them after carefully listening to their concerns. We write up our ideas in full paragraphs. We love the art of the timely and relevant follow-up call or email. We are thoughtful about presenting ourselves well. We help our clients think ahead to future needs, design new and effective ways to accomplish their goals, and safeguard their businesses. We understand their different roles and the demands on them and their workflow. When those demands converge with technology, we approach their human and business needs with as much energy as we do their technical ones. We are a technology company, but the way we listen, think, talk, and relate to others makes us who we are. 

Our company and culture are based on four core values: 

  • Act with integrity
  • Assume responsibility
  • Build great relationships
  • Make it better

Most of our work is regularly scheduled ongoing support. We manage workstations, servers, and networks. We are our clients' outsourced IT support and administration. And while we CAN do everything remotely, we strongly believe in face-to-face interaction between our team and our clients. That enables us to cement multi-year relationships. We help clients get the most out of their technology investment, and we do it with a sense of humor and a sense of mission that no other company provides.

Our clients use Macs and Windows and range in size from 10 workstations to 20,000. We've provided our expertise to some of the largest organizations in the Bay Area, including a couple of networking products companies that you've heard of, the largest biotech firm and a few smaller ones, that company making really great animated films, some government agencies, those "sharing economy" companies, a couple of insurance companies, and a global design firm or two. 

In addition to ongoing support, we also work on projects, small and large. We've integrated Macs and iOS devices into our clients' AD infrastructures, fixed their Kerberos implementations, created the endpoint management solutions, architected multi-location and multi-language imaging and deployment systems, migrated them to/from AD and OD, and engineered their BYOD solutions and security models. 

We really like our clients, and we treat them well. We really like our employees, too. That's why everything we do is structured to provide them with the most predictable schedule in our industry. We have developed a proactive business model that focuses us on preventing rather than simply reacting to IT problems. At times, we need to respond to an emergency or work the occasional weekend, but that's rare. We don't want the inconvenience of downtime and emergencies any more than our clients do. Avoiding those is better for our clients and for our team.

Who We Need

We are always ready to hire the right people. Above all, we are looking for warm, caring, funny, sharp, honest, observant, humble, rational, self-aware, and grateful-for-all-the-good-things-in-their-life people. People who really like technology -- but only as one of many things that spark their interest. 

We are currently hiring for Mac and Windows Desktop Consultants. Reporting to our team manager, this role will involve you in all aspects of IT as the "go-to" person for between one and several Linde Clients. While you have regularly scheduled onsite hours weekly with each client, the Linde Team helps each member with support outside those weekly scheduled hours. Your proactive approach with our clients and their technology allows you to have a more predictable schedule. So you get the enjoyment of multiple technical environments and the challenge of each, but in a reasonable work life.

Technical skills and experience are desirable, but worthless to us if you lack situational awareness. It is essential to be able to think about the big picture for our clients and team as well as anticipate needs before they develop. If you have that, then we are also looking for:

Knowledge & Experience

  • At least two years experience in IT service
  • Solid experience in Mac and/or Windows support
  • Solid grounding in core Office applications (Word, Outlook, etc.)
  • Solid foundation in Simpsons, Star Wars, Monty Python, and Godfather references
  • Strong troubleshooting methodology
  • Strong data privacy practices
  • Excellent Google-fu to find your own answers

Interpersonal Skills

  • Must be a people-person to get hired here
  • Critical thinking skills with problem-solving abilities
  • Understanding of business and organizational goals and objectives
  • Superior written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent documentation skills
  • Ability to present ideas in user-friendly language
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks in entrepreneurial environments
  • Ability to build and extend existing client relationships
  • Enjoy self-supervision and working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment

What to Expect

If we hire you, you may have responsibilities at our clients all around the Bay Area. You must be able to drive to client sites, typically one or two a day, for half- or full-day visits. With the support of our full technical team, and in collaboration with our Project Coordinator and Team Manager, you will be responsible for desktop support and more at each client. In general, you will:

  • Build and maintain great relationships with our clients 
  • Maintain and support hardware and software on desktops, laptops, mobile devices and related equipment in mixed Mac and PC environments 
  • Respond to clients' requests for hardware and software assistance and provide training 
  • Maintain routers, switches, and wiring 
  • Perform troubleshooting, support, and upgrades including rebuilds and hardware replacement 
  • Provide equipment and software recommendations and sourcing; 
  • Research new technologies; provide suggestions for changes and improvements that reduce cost and/or increase productivity and efficiency 
  • Make the Kessel run in anywhere between 11 and 13 parsecs
  • Develop, deploy, and manage IT-related projects as assigned 
  • Assist clients when needed, up to 24x7, when called upon in an emergency
  • Other related duties as assigned 


Salaries are based entirely on the skills, experience, and personality you bring to the team. We offer great benefits: medical, dental, 401(k) with a great match, paid holidays and vacation, paid sick time, the potential for end-of-year bonuses, monthly social events, and a holiday party that is legend.

How to Apply

We really do care a whole lot more about who you are as a human being than we do about where you've been and the list of skills on your resume. If you recognize yourself in our description of our excellent and highly aware team, write us a letter and tell us why you think you'd be a perfect fit with us.

Please do not send us your resume at this stage. Simply send your letter as an attachment in pdf format to: hiring @, with "OS X Desktop Consultant - Last Name - 16327pke" as the subject line. To be clear, that's "OS X Desktop Consultant - " followed by your last name, followed by the job code " - 16327pke". We take the time to read every response (that followed these instructions) and we will contact you quickly if a match seems likely. We are eager to meet people and expand our team, so responses will be timely and direct.